Linens, Breakfast, Patio Kitchen & Accessibility


Breakfast is available, number of guests permitting (12 or more guests on site), in the main kitchen of The William Brearley Home.


A full country breakfast is served buffet style and there are plenty of options.  The charges are based on your individual, group, or family tally sheet and on your selections. Serving hours are generally 7:30 - 9:00 am for larger groups and a shorter serving time for smaller groups.


Towels and bed linens are provided for your convenience in both the William Brearley Home and the Kirk Apartments. The kitchenette apartments are also equipped with cooking utensils and dinnerware. To keep down room fees, guests are expected to make up their own beds upon arrival and to leave rooms as clean as possible before departure. Check-in and check-out procedures are posted in each room.


The Patio Kitchen, our guest kitchen, is a fully equipped residential style kitchen that is always open and available for meal or snack preparations.  There is dining space for eight in the kitchen with additional seating available in our picnic areas.  The kitchen provides a basic residential style kitchen with a full size range, refrigerator and generous cabinet space.  Charcoal and gas grills are also provided.


Please inform us if accessibility is a concern. We will do our best to accommodate you.


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